Navigating Uniforms During Pregnancy

Navigating Uniforms During Pregnancy

USMC Maternity Uniform

We recently received a set of Maternity Woodland MARPATs. Since USMC cammies are experiencing a supply chain issue that doesn’t look to be resolved before Fall 2024, it got us thinking about how military maternity uniforms are issued.


The U.S Army, U.S. Navy, USMC, and USAF all currently have Pilot Programs for their pregnant service members to receive free uniforms. This is a great way to streamline the processes of how the uniforms are distributed, how many they should receive, and how these uniforms fit and function. The downside to a Pilot Program is that these resources are not available to everyone and thorough testing takes time to get detailed results. Testing is great to ensure when the programs are rolled out to everyone, many of the challenges will have been worked out. However, until that happens, every year thousands of pregnant service members will be left with limited resources.


OCP Maternity Uniform

Aside from going thru the traditional channels of purchasing new uniforms, other methods are becoming popular.

  1. Alterations: If maternity uniform allowances are not available, service members can explore the option of altering their existing uniforms to accommodate their growing belly. Professional tailors experienced in working with military uniforms can make alterations such as letting out seams, adding stretch panels, or adjusting waistbands to provide a comfortable fit during pregnancy.
  2. Borrowing or Purchasing Secondhand: Another option is to borrow or purchase secondhand maternity uniforms from other service members who no longer need them. Online military forums, social media groups, and classified ad websites may serve as platforms for connecting with individuals selling or giving away maternity uniforms. While this option may require some searching, it can be a cost-effective solution for obtaining maternity attire.
  3. Temporary Duty Uniforms (TDY): In some cases, service members may be authorized to wear Temporary Duty Uniforms (TDY) during pregnancy if their standard uniforms no longer fit comfortably. TDY uniforms are typically more relaxed in terms of fit and may provide a suitable alternative during pregnancy. Check with your unit's commanding officer or uniform regulations for guidance on wearing TDY uniforms during pregnancy.
  4. Uniform Exchange Programs: Some military installations offer uniform exchange programs where service members can donate their gently used uniforms and acquire items they need, including maternity uniforms, at little to no cost. These programs promote sustainability and provide a convenient way for pregnant service members to access appropriate attire during pregnancy.



USMC Maternity Uniforms

Second Tour Uniforms would love to help play matchmaker with your military maternity uniforms. Maternity uniforms, just like all maternity apparel, are only worn for a short amount of time. Most are in great condition and many have never even been worn. If you have maternity uniforms you no longer need, you can consign them with Second Tour Uniforms. By doing so, you will receive money back from the sale and it will help another pregnant service member desperately scouring the internet looking for uniforms at less than retail prices. For more information about consignment and to request a pre-paid shipping label, contact us at

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