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While working as a personal stylist in the Washington, DC area for more than a decade, I had many clients who transitioned from military to civilian jobs. As I helped them curate their new professional wardrobes, I always asked them what they would do with the uniforms they would never wear again. The answers I heard ranged from throwing them away *gasp* to try to sell them on eBay/Facebook to try to find someone their same size that could use them. The one reoccurring theme I heard was – “I wish there was an easy way for me to sell them and make some of my money back.” Selling thru Facebook was a hassle with trying to coordinate meet ups and selling on eBay or other marketplaces meant they would have to manage the listings and the shipping.

Always being inspection ready means there are a lot of new and nearly new uniforms in a service member’s wardrobe. A uniform allowance only goes so far, and wouldn’t it be nice to purchase a piece (or more) in inspection ready condition without breaking the bank? With the sheer volume of service members who retire in the Washington, DC area the number of New With Tags and New With Out Tags uniforms is just staggering. A great solution would be to have an easy way for them to clear their closets, make some money, and help another service member stretch their uniform allowance. That’s where the idea of Second Tour Uniforms was born. We are here to do the work for you. We will list your items on our website and social media, take care of the marketing, and ship your items when they sell. All you need to do is request an inbound shipping label from us (so you can send in your pieces) and wait to get paid!

Nataley Shea ~ Founder

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