Second Tour Uniforms Invited to Speak to Active Duty and Veterans

Second Tour Uniforms Invited to Speak to Active Duty and Veterans

Natali Fani-Gonzleza


I was recently invited to speak at an event at VFW Post 2562 hosted by Councilmember Natali Fani-González. She led a discussion on her upcoming legislation proposal that will directly impact our esteemed veterans. Some of the topics of discussion were related to tax relief for Disabled Veterans who are less than 100% disabled, the renaming of Fern Street to something military related, and a new Veterans Home in Montgomery County.


VFW Post 2562

I was fortunate enough to be invited by Post Commander Richard Fenati to talk about uniform consignment and how this is a good resource for not only Active Duty Servicemembers but also for Reservists and Veterans. Many servicemembers have uniforms they no longer wear or need for a variety of reasons – changed sizes, changed rank, retired/separated, etc. We all know these uniforms are very expensive and even though they are not being worn, it’s just hard to part with something you spent your hard-earned money on. By consigning their uniforms, each service member gets back a portion of the final selling price of each item. They get to clear out space and know their uniforms are going to help another servicemember get a uniform without spending full retail prices.


Vintage Uniforms

Second Tour Uniforms is not just a consignment store for Active Duty. We have a lot of veterans and reservists who shop with us as well. Many times, they have pulled out their uniform that has not been worn in some time and find that the pants no longer fit, they are missing a button, or they just can't find their cover. Rather than pay full retail price for something that gets worn very infrequently, they visit Second Tour Uniforms to purchase those pieces.

Vintage Uniforms


The group was excited to hear that Second Tour Uniforms also accepts uniforms that have been retired! Hollywood is always looking for vintage uniforms for  costumes. Blueberries, BDU’s and other retired camouflage patterns are great for paintball, cosplay, hunting, fishing, doing yardwork, etc. We also keep a running wish list when people request pieces from WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam eras. Have you found old uniforms when helping to clear out a relative’s home? Don’t throw them away! Someone might be waiting for that very Korea Era Army Green Garrison Cap in size 7 ¼.


uniform consignment

For more information about consigning uniforms or to invite me to speak to your organization about how to consign uniforms, please contact me at



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