Boot Camp Barbie

Which Barbie are you going to be for Halloween this year?

Girl Power ruled the summer of 2023. Our Boss Babes were Barbie, Beyonce, and Taylor Swift! With Halloween drawing near, I think it is safe to say we will be seeing a lot of this trio on Halloween.

Army BarbieHalloween only comes once a year and many people don’t want to invest a lot of money in a costume they will only wear one time, so they turn to consignment and resale businesses to do their shopping. Fortunately, Barbie is very well rounded and for decades she has been showing ladies of all ages they can be anything they desire - Military Barbie, Medical Barbie, CEO Barbie, Airline Barbie, etc. Long blonde tresses and some pink lipstick can be added to any one of our uniforms and you will be all set to be Barbie this season.



Aside from our power trio that ruled the summer, Wednesday Addams also made a big impact in 2023 and we will see a lot of her doppelgangers roaming around at the end of the month. A black dress with some long black braids and you will be all set to be Wednesday. I’m so glad Wednesday made a resurgence this year. One of my favorite quotes came from her - “I’m only wearing black until they make something darker” ~ Wednesday Addams (by way of Coco Chanel)

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