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Why Thrifting Is Getting More Expensive

While cruising thru your local Goodwill or other similar thrift shops, you may have noticed the prices are significantly higher than they were just a few years ago. Thrifting, or shopping for secondhand items, has become more expensive for several reasons.


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One reason is Reselling and Online Marketplaces. Secondhand shopping has gained popularity in recent years as people are becoming more conscious of sustainability and eco-friendly shopping. People are turning to thrift stores, vintage shops, and online secondhand marketplaces to find unique and affordable items. With the rise of online marketplaces like eBay, Poshmark, Etsy, and others, it’s easier for sellers to reach a wider audience.


Thrift Flippers

Another reason is Thrift Flippers. Thrift Flippers are professional resellers who purchase items in thrift stores to resell online for a profit. Have you ever visited a local thrift store and seen people with shopping carts overflowing with goods? They are professionals who know exactly what items will turn a big profit. They also know what days and locations to do their shopping. In my local area, Goodwill has 75% off color of the week items. Thrift shops are hip to the idea that resellers are coming in looking for sought after brands to resell and have adjusted their prices accordingly. Years ago, a generic top may have sold for $1.75, now they might sell for $6.99. Many thrift shops even have a “Boutique Section” where higher end brands will be much more expensive than the rest of their inventory.



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Something else to consider is Pop Culture and Social Media influence. You know those “Influencers?” They are doing exactly that. If a particular style, era, or item becomes trendy due to its representation in movies, TV shows, or social media, it can lead to increased demand and higher prices. Remember that coat with the faux fur trim Penny Lane wore in Almost Famous? With the movie’s popularity, people were scouring thrift shops looking for similar coats and fast fashion retailers were replicating the style to keep up with demand.


While secondhand shopping may be getting more expensive, it’s important to remember that consignment and thrift stores can still offer significant savings compared to purchasing new items, and the practice remains an environmentally friendly and sustainable way to shop.


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